Saturday, January 16, 2010


I love Frozen Yogurt! I can't say that enough! But after trying almost all the yogurt places in Manila I discovered that frozen yogurt aint cheap! day while walking around Megamall with my family I saw a small, nondescript kiosk in the corner of the A building and decided to see what they were selling there. Lo and behold, they were selling Frozen Yogurt!....and, mind you, at a fraction of the price that most yogurt places were selling them for! I decided to order the medium cup which was only 60 bucks and after giving it a try, my stomach chimed: "there's a party in me tummy" and that was when I decided that this was my top yogurt place to eat at. Another thing I love about this place is that the yogurt is really filled up and not hollow in the middle! All the frozen yogurt fans should definitely try this place out. Its called YOGURTBUD. They not only sell frozen yogurt but also regular yogurt, yogurt spread, yogurt drinks, and yogurt smoothies with frozen yogurts on top of them! This should be in your MUST TASTE NOW list.

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